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The King Country; or, Explorations in New Zealand. A Narrative of 600 Miles of Travel through Maoriland.



Ae, yes, affirmation.
Kahore, no, not, on the contrary.
Ekhore, not.
Au or aua, I do not know.
InaKaura, a little while ago.
Inapo, last night.
Inanahi, yesterday.
Inaoake, day before yesterday.
Aianei, to-day, now, presently.
Pea, perhaps, indeed, of course.
Ko, then, thither.
Konei, here, this place, this time.
Ake. upwards, onwards.
Atu, onwards, away.
Iho, downwards, up above, from above.
Mai, hither.
Tua, behind, rather.
Mua, before.
Roto, within, the inside place, inland.
Waho, without, the outside.
Puku, secretly, without speaking.
Niamata, in former times.
Meake, soon, presently.
Ahea, when, at. what time.
Pehea, how, in what way.
Oti, else, in question, then.
Ata, gently, deliberately.page 369
Marie, quietly.
Hanuga, besides, not.
Kau, only, alone.
Ki, very.
Ara, namely.