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The King Country; or, Explorations in New Zealand. A Narrative of 600 Miles of Travel through Maoriland.



The insect life of New Zealand is represented by many curious forms.

  • Anuie.—A large caterpillar.
  • Aweto.—A caterpillar which feeds on the kumara.
  • Hara.—A large centipede, nearly six inches long.
  • Hataretare.—Slug-snail.
  • Hawate.—Caterpillar.
  • Heire.—Maggot.
  • Hotete.—Sphœria Robertsi. The vegetating caterpillar.page 365
  • Howaka.—A cerambyx.
  • Huhu.—A boring grub.
  • Huhu.—A moth.
  • Hurangi.—A fly.
  • Kukaraiti.—A grasshopper.
  • Kapapa. —A large cerambyx.
  • Kapokapowai.—A dragon-fly.
  • Katipo.—A venomous spider, one kind red and one black, with a red spot on the back.
  • Keha.—A flea.
  • Kekeriru.—-Cimex nemoralis. A large black wood-bug.
  • Kekerewai.—A small green beetle.
  • Kihikihi.—A grasshopper.
  • Kiriwhenua.—A garden bug.
  • Kopi.—Chrysalis.
  • Kowhitiwhiti.—A small grasshopper.
  • Kurikuri.—A grub which turns into a green, bronzed beetle.
  • Kutu.—Louse.
  • Mokoroa.—A large caterpillar.
  • Mumatana.—A large brown beetle,
  • Naenae.—Mosquito.
  • Namu.—Sand-fly.
  • Ngata.—Leech.
  • Ngaungau.—Midge.
  • Papapapa.—Small brown beetle.
  • Pepeaweto.—The grub which begets the hotete, or vegetating caterpillar.
  • Pepeatua.—Butterfly.
  • Pepeturia.—Large green moth.
  • Puawere.—Spider.
  • Purehurehu.—Large butterfly,
  • Puwerewere.—Spider.
  • Rango.—Large meat-fly.
  • Tarakihi.—Locust.
  • Titiwai.—Small luminous earthworm.
  • Toke.—A very long worm.
  • Kokoriro.—Large red weta.
  • Weta.—Deinacrida heteracantha A beetle two and a half inches in length.