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The King Country; or, Explorations in New Zealand. A Narrative of 600 Miles of Travel through Maoriland.

Sea Birds

Sea Birds.

The sea birds inhabiting the coasts of New Zealand are fairly numerous, and among them are two small kinds of penguin.

  • Hawe.—A large gull, the tail-feathers of which are highly prized by the natives.
  • Hoiho.—Eudyptes antipodes. A small penguin, inhabiting the coasts of the South Island.page 363
  • Kao.—A gull frequenting the shores at night.
  • Karoro.—A gull.
  • Kawan.—Graculus carruculatus. A shag or cormorant.
  • Kuaka.—A small sea bird.
  • Pekeha.—A gull.
  • Pitoitoi.—A small sea bird.
  • Taiko.—A gull.
  • Takahikahi.—A sea-shore bird.
  • Takupu.—A white gull.
  • Tara.—Lula Australis. A sea swallow.
  • Tarapunga.—A small, graceful gull, inhabiting Lake Taupo; very numerous in the vicinity of Tokanu.
  • Titipu.—A gull.
  • Torea.—Hœmatopus picatus. The oyster-catcher; has red legs and beak.
  • Toroa.—Diomedia exulans. The albatross.