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The King Country; or, Explorations in New Zealand. A Narrative of 600 Miles of Travel through Maoriland.



  • Kakaho.—Arundo Australis. A tall grass or reed, very common around Lake Taupo.
  • Karetu.—Torresia redolens. A sweet-smelling grass.
  • Kopoupou.—Scripus lacustrina. A rush, frequent in the Lake Country.
  • Kurikuri.—A grass with a prickly flower-head, Western Taupo.
  • Mata.—A reed-like grass.
  • Matarauriki.—A tussock grass, Rangipo table-land.
  • Mouka.—A wide-leaved grass.
  • Ngawha.—Native bulrush, frequent in Lake Country.
  • Oioi.—Leptocarpus fasciculus. A common rush.
  • Otaota.—A thin grass.
  • Parakerake.—A fine grass, frequent at Taupo and Rangipo table-land.
  • Pouaka.—A fine grass, emitting, when bruised, a fœtid smell; found at Western Taupo.
  • Pureirei.—A swamp-grass.
  • Raupo.—Typha latifolia. A flag-rush, common everywhere in swamps and banks of rivers; used by natives for building.
  • Tarareke.—A flax-grass.
  • Tarapuarere.—A flowering grass.
  • Toetoekiwi.—A low, rush-like grass, frequent in swamps.
  • Toetoe.—Epicacris pauciflora. A handsome cutting grass, common in swampy places.
  • Tupari.—A broad-leaved grass.
  • Tutaikuri.—A swamp-grass, the native couch.
  • Wi.—A fine grass, frequent around Lake Taupo.
  • Wiwi.—A small swamp-rush.