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Maoria: A Sketch of the Manners and Customs of the Aboriginal Inhabitants of New Zealand.


page xi


Chapter I. Page
Ngutukaka. Hangis or Native Ovens. The Waitebuna River. The Snare. Frost-fish. Sperm Whales. Dense Vegetation. Kauroa. Native Fortifications. Interior of a Pa. A "Guest House." Construction of the Native Dwellings. Cooking Houses. The Kahawai. Native Good Temper. Maori Maidens. Childbirth Customs. A Native Beauty. Tattooing. Maori Costume. 1
Chapter II.
Female Labour. Maiden Freedom. Fishing Canoes. The Tohunga. "A Lazy Fellow." "Making Faces." A Delicate Duel. A Maori Séance. A Spirit Voice. Karakia. Wooden Swords. Early Marriage. Polygamy. A Mataika. A Maori Table d'hôte. A Manuka Spear. Grotesque Carvings. The Fortress of Ngutukaka. Its defences. Universal Industry. Preparation of Fern Root. A Magic Grove. A Primitive Incantation. 19page xii
Chapter III.
Maori Traditions. The Cradle of the Race. The Immortal Fleet. Maori Powers of Memory. Primitive Society in Hawaiki. Discovery of Intoxicating Drinks. Their Effects. General Debauch. Papuan Dances. Origin of the Runanga. Internecine Dissensions. Proposed Emigration. Sailing of the Ten Canoes. Their Contents. Arrival in Maoria. Subjugation of the Aborigines. Tribal Government. Policy of the Immigrants. Female Education. "A Choice Man." "A Fine Woman." Maori Superstitions. Demons. Witchcraft. "Te Reigna." Cannibalism. 39
Chapter IV.
The Ariki of the Ngatiroa. His Career. His Administration of Justice. A Maori Divorce. A Vision. Presentiments. The Ariki's Successor. Intrigues. The War Chief. A Lucky Warrior. The Reward of Bravery. A Sinecure. Fish Tides. A Flaw in an Escutcheon. Fishing Nets. A System of Exchanges. Utu Payments. A Council. An Insidious Allusion. The Battle of Waipuna. A Foray. A Night Attack. Prisoners of War. Rival Proposals. Te Wira's Modesty. Karaka's Decision. Te Au's Successor. Triumph of the Tohunga. Discomfiture of Ruia. Moni's Troubles. An Impertinent Suicide. Dark Rumours. 52
Chapter V.
The Ariki's Death. Preparations for the Event. A Dying Speech. A Last Prophecy. Lying in State. page xiiiConcourse of Mourners. The Moa. The Tribe of the Rarawa. Arrival of a Deputation. Its Reception. A War Dance. Rubbing Noses. Interment of the Ariki. An Aboriginal Settlement. Pihoe's Confession. Capital Punishment. A Large Present. Slaves. Servile Septs. Departure of the Mourners. Renewal of Toil. Keia's Return. An Eel Story. Keia's Front Tooth. A large Appetite. Ora Loses her Temper. The Tohunga Makes an Excursion. Pipis. River Islets. Tapued Ground. Diving for Eels. A Fatal Accident. A Taniwha. A Rahui. Necessity of Fat. Eel Weirs. A Mullet Trap. An Impending Duel. 76
Chapter VI.
The Ordeal of Single Combat. Damages. Woman the Source of all Mischief. Trespass. Uselessness of Excuses. Absence of Insulting Language. Duelling. Its Advantages. Preparations for the Conflict. Its Cause. Parade of the Rival Tribes. An Injured Husband. Cowardice of the Aggressor. Tiari's Interference. A Confession. A Scientific Encounter. First Blood. Tiari's Victory, Muru. Reciprocal Presents. A Canoe and an Old Harridan. 103
Chapter VII.
Supplies of Timber. The Taro of Hawaiki. The Cocoa Tree of Oceania. The Buffalo of North America. The Kumira of New Zealand. Preparation of Fern Root. Hankering after Relishes. A Three Years' Job. A page xivRaft Aground. A Drought. An Application to the Tohunga. An Incantation. The Spirit's Reply. A Second Invocation. An Enigmatical Answer. Ngawhare's Magic Chant. A Peal of Thunder. "The Sound of the Trumpet." A Waif. Lost in the Forest. A Lunatic's Story. Hairy Giants. A Mad Song. The Roses and Thorns of Matrimony. Taipari's Love. A Tawa Tango. Ngawhare's Plan. An Eccentric Ambassadress. Ngawhare's Cunning. An Ambushed Raiding Party. A Ruse. An Abduction. A Struggle for the Bride. The Keeper of the Eel Weir. Killed by Witchcraft. The Evil Eye. A Father's Revenge. Death of the Sorcerers. Verdict of Society. 116
Chapter VIII.
Changes in Nature and in Man. Ahana. Its Countless Sea Birds. An Expedition to their Haunts. Their Rocky Home. Seal Hunting. An Embassy from the Rarawa. A Rival Tohunga. Jealousy of Ngawhare. Overtures of the Ambassadors. The Tohunga Decides against Them. Te Wira's Attempt to Protect Them. Ngawhare's Intrigues. His Success. The two Tohungas. Turtle Soup. Maori Secrecy. Return of the Fleet from Ahana. The Impending Fate of the Rarawa Envoys. Karaka's Regrets. His Reluctant Consent. State Reception of the Ambassadors. A Maori Bull's Head. The Lifting of the Covers. The Signal of Death. Massacre of the Rarawa. "I Save my Relation." "New Zealand Heads." Preparations for War. Scouts. Their Duties and Dangers. page xvArming of the Rarawa. The Scene of the Coming Struggle. Karaka's Plan. Departure of the Expedition. An Ambush. Caught in the Toils. Defeat of the Rarawa. Matuku's Bravery. Karaka's Wound. The coup de grace. The Ariki of the Rarawa. A Monster. Burial of the Dead. Orgies of the Battle Field. 136
Chapter IX.
The Ariki of the Rarawa. Willing to Die. The Taniwha Disappears in the Ocean. The Return to Ngutukaka. Reception of the Victors. A Surprising Likeness. Karaka's Youthful Indiscretions. Matuku claims a fair Reward. Father and Son. Karaka's Internal Conflict. The Father or the Ruler. The Father Conquers. Betrothal of Tui. Marriage of Hira. A Betrothed's Privileges. Coy Husbands. A Display of Virtue. The Rarawa again Assemble. Karaka's Wound proves Mortal. His Impending Death. His Advice to his Brother. The Last Address to the Tribe. Dying Words. "Beware of the Sea!" Death. 163
Chapter X.
Preparations for Defence. Ngutukaka Made Ready for a Siege. Advance of the Rarawa. Their Taunts. Silence of the Garrison. Preparations of the Besiegers. A Fiery Sortie. Dismay of the Rarawa. Exultation of the Ngatiroa. Perseverance of the Enemy. Sickness among the Garrison. Removal of the Tapu. Sallies of the Besieged. Interference of the Mania-page xviwhero. Last Effort of the Rarawa. An Inflammable Fascine. Its Failure. Retreat of the Rarawa. Joy in Ngutukaka. Ngawhare Consults the Stars. His Presentiments. A Cloudy Morning. The Fog Lifts. A Whale in the Snare. A Rush to Seize It. A Doubtful Prize. A Surprise. Destruction and Death. Cunning of the Rarawa. The Death Trap. Tui's Bridal Shawl. A Lover's Devotion. Shawl and Shroud. The Tapu Grove. The Precipice. The Leap of Death. The Tohunga on the Edge of the Abyss. His Hesitation. His Prophecy. The Victors Interrupt Him. The End. 174
Notes 191