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Maoria: A Sketch of the Manners and Customs of the Aboriginal Inhabitants of New Zealand.

2. (Page 26.)

2. (Page 26.)

A veritable "Pakeha Maori," or European Maori, whose name is legibly written in the brief history of New Zealand, and who was on board the first ship that ever entered the harbour of Kawhia, now the marine residence of the Maori king, and where it was almost death for an European to show himself, described to the writer a Maori séance at which he was once present.

He remained in Kawhia, and married a Maori girl. His half-caste child was the first born in that part of the island, and was, consequently, much thought of. When between two and three years old the child, a little girl, died, and the mother took the loss greatly to heart. She was pining away, when the page 193Tohunga of the tribe announced that the spirit of the child had returned to earth to comfort her mother. The séance much resembled the one we have described. Upon the writer asking the Pakeha Maori whether he supposed that the Tohunga was a ventriloquist, he replied that "he did not know, for he had never heard one." He appeared to be hurt at the question, and to have really believed in the Tohunga.