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New Zealanders and Science

5 Scientific Periodicals

5 Scientific Periodicals

For the period from the late sixties to the present day the most valuable source is the bound volumes of Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute (Wellington, 1868-1934) and Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand (1935-). The Transactions include articles on almost every branch of science and therefore provide a unique record of scientific work in New Zealand during the last seventy years. Earlier volumes were more general in character, but since the nineties there has been a marked tendency for the publication to become highly technical. Since the foundation of the Polynesian Society and the publication of its quarterly Journal (Wellington, 1892-), articles on anthropology have rarely appeared in the Transactions. The New Zealand Journal of Science was an ambitious but useful periodical, published in Dunedin at two-monthly intervals and edited by G. M. Thomson. Three bound volumes appeared, Vol. i, 1882-3, ii, 1884-5, and Vol. i of a new series, 1891. Vol. ii contains brief biographies of von Haast, Hochstetter, Hutton, and Hooker. Of more recent scientific periodicals mention may be made of The New Zealand Journal of Science and Technology (Wellington, 1918-), published by the New Zealand Board of Science and Art, page 160the New Zealand Journal of Agriculture (Wellington, 1910-), the organ of the Department of Agriculture, and Southern Stars (Wellington, 1934-), published by the New Zealand Astronomical Society.