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New Zealanders and Science

3 Haast, Hector, and Hutton

3 Haast, Hector, and Hutton

Sir Julius von Haast was an able and prolific writer and left a very full record of his activities as explorer and scientist. For the general reader the most interesting of his publications are Topographical and Geological Exploration in Nelson Province (Nelson, 1861) and the classic Geology of the Provinces of Canterbury and Westland (Christchurch, 1879). Sir James Hector was also a prolific writer. His Geological Expedition to the West Coast of Otago, New page 157 Zealand, published in the Otago Provincial Government Gazette of 5 November 1863, has a general interest which some of his later publications lack, although his purely scientific books, such as Outline of New Zealand Geology (Wellington, 1886), are written in simple, fluent English. Hutton's chief work as an explorer scientist is contained in Report on the Geology and Goldfelds of Otago (Dunedin, 1875), written with G. H. F. Ulrich. Later he specialised in reference books, among them Catalogue of the Birds of New Zealand, with Diagnoses of the Species (Wellington, 1871), Fishes of New Zealand (Wellington, 1872), written in collaboration with Hector, the Manual of the New Zealand Mollusca (Wellington, 1880), and the Index Faunae Novae Zealandiae (London, 1904). The philosopher and the man are most clearly revealed in his essay on Darwinism (Christchurch, 1887) and, above all, in The Lesson of Evolution (2nd ed., London, 1907), a charming and thoughtful book.