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New Zealanders and Science

2 The Pioneers

2 The Pioneers

Sir J. D. Hooker's successive works on New Zealand flora were the elaborate Flora Antarctica (London, 1844), Flora Novae-Zelandiae (London, 1853) and the monumental Handbook of the New Zealand Flora (London, 1864- 7) which remained the standard reference work until it was superseded by T. F. Cheeseman's similarly planned Manual of the New Zealand Flora (Wellington, 1906). Biographical details will be found in Leonard Huxley's disjointed but interesting Life and Letters of Sir J. D. page 156 Hooker (London, 1918). Dr Ferdinand von Hochstetter's principal work was Neu-Seeland (Stuttgart, 1863) which was later translated and published in a revised form as New Zealand its Physical Geography, Geology and Natural History. . . . (Stuttgart, 1867). The full account of the Novara expedition, Reise der Oesterreichiscen Fregatte Novara um die Erde (Vienna, 1861-74) has never been completely translated, but a portion, Dr Karl Scherzer's Narrative of the Circumnavigation of the Globe by the Austrian Frigate Novara (London, 1861-3), devotes Vol. iii, pp. 93- 194, to lively observations on New Zealand. Of the Rev. William Colenso's writings over a long period a few may be selected as indicating the wide range of his interests: Excursions in the North Island of New Zealand (Launceston, 1844), Classification and Description of some New Zealand Ferns (Launceston, 1845), Botany of the North Island of New Zealand (Dunedin, 1865), and the essay On the Maori Races of New Zealand reprinted in Vol. i of the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute (Wellington, 1868).