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The Godwits Fly

Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

1. Les sanglots longs
Des violons
De l'automne

From Chanson D'Automne. Paul Verlaine.

2. ‘It's a far way to England’ etc. A hand-written copy of this poem page 234 by Robin Hyde gives the title as That Journey Home. It was written some years before the novel but date of composition is uncertain.

3. He trod the ling like a buck in spring, and he looked like a lance at rest.

From The Ballad of East and West. Rudyard Kipling.

4. ‘There was a play, in French,’ etc. In 1933 Robin Hyde wrote an undated letter to Mr J. H. E. Schroder in which she mentions that she once played ‘the Bad Fairy's part in a little French play, “La Belle au Bois Dormant”’. The play was most probably a dramatized version of Perrault's fairytale of that title. (The Sleeping Beauty.)

5. Move upward, working out the beast,
And let the ape and tiger die.

From In Memoriam. Alfred, Lord Tennyson.