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Utu: A Story of Love, Hate and Revenge

Works Published — at the — Auckland Star Office

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Works Published
at the
Auckland Star Office

Brett's Handy Guide to New Zealand. Crown 8vo.; 342 pages, with numerous illustrations, maps, diagrams, etc. Crown-lettered, 3s 6d. Second edition.

The Early History of New Zealand. Demy 4to.; over 750 pages; handsomely bound and profusely illustrated. £1 10s.

History and Tradition of the Maoris. From the year 1820 to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. By Thos. Wayth Gudgeon author of Reminiscences of the War in New Zealand. Demy 8vo.; 226 pages. 5s.

The Defenders of New Zealand. Second edition. Crown 4to.; 700 pages. Half morocco, gilt. Published at £2; now reduced to 15s.

Brett's Colonists Guide and Cyclopædia of Useful Knowledge. Royal 8vo., 832 pages; handsomely bound; numerous illustrations. 2ls. Second edition now in the press, and will be ready in September.

Brett's New Zealand and South Pacific Pilot and Nautical Almanac. Demy 8vo., 370 pages. Cloth gilt, 7s 6d.

The Auckland Jubilee and Exhibition Chronicle. Crown, 52 pages, illustrated. Price 2s 6d.

Early History of the Catholic Church in Oceana. By the Right Rev. Jean Baptiste Pompallier, with portrait; also an introduction by Bishop Luck. Crown 4to. 3s 6d.

A Weird Region. The Story of the Tarawera Eruption, with a description of the Lake District. Crown 4to., illustrated. 2s 6d.

Medical Guide to the Mineral Waters of Rotorua. By Dr. T. Hope Lewis. 2s 6d.

School History of New Zealand. By Fred. J. Moss. M.H.R. Crown 8vo., 276 pages. Handsomely bound in cloth, 3s; boards 3s 6d.

New Zealand Farmer. Bound Volumes for 1887, 1890, and 1891. Imp. 4 to; cloth, gilt-lettered. 15s.

New Zealand Graphic. Bound Volumes for 1890–91. Demy folio; cloth, gilt-lettered. 30s.

Brett's Auckland Almanac & Diary. Demy 8vo. Published annually. 1s.

Cæsar, the wonderful dog. By A. Reischek, F.L.S., Naturalist. Crown 8vo. Paper covers, 1s; cloth, 1s 6d.

Rural New Zealand. Illustrated. 1s.

Sir George Grey's Life and Times. Paper covers, 3s 6d; cloth, 7s 6d.

H. Brett, Printer and Publisher

Shortland and Fort Streets, Auckland.