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The Revolt of the Samoans

The Royal Commission and a Changed Viewpoint

page 12

The Royal Commission and a Changed Viewpoint

On July 25, 1927, the Administrator, in his report to the Department of External Affairs, declared that "Nelson and his Committee" hoped to create such a state of confusion in Samoa as would necessitate a Royal Commission being set up, and he protested that if this were done it would enable Nelson to continue intriguing with the Natives and to carry on with his seditionary work. For some reason which still remains unexplained, on August 23 (less than a month later) the Administrator sent a radiograph to the Prime Minister which in effect was a demand for a Royal Commission. Some day, when we get access to the official files containing the correspondence between the Government of New Zealand and the Administrator, we shall probably learn why and how the Administrator was induced to make such a sudden change of front in this connection; and, having learned that, we shall know the real reason for the sudden termination of the proceedings of the Joint Samoa Committee.