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Island Stories

C. Manuscripts

C. Manuscripts

Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington

Andersen, Johannes C, Papers. MS Papers 148, Folder 22.

Buick, Thomas Lindsay, Papers. MS Papers 58. Folders 1-2, 8, 19, 22, 25-26, 40-42, 66-68, 94-99, 107-110, 112.

Buick, Thomas Lindsay, 'Captain James Cook, R.N., F.R.S.: A Lecture Delivered by T. Lindsay Buick, C. M. G., F. R. Hist. S. before the Members of the Yorkshire Society of New Zealand at Wellington 6th June 1934', qMS-0296.

Buick, Thomas Lindsay, Notes on William Swainson. MS Papers 2679.

Buick, Thomas Lindsay, Scrapbook on The Treaty of Waitangi. MS-0353.

page 158

Buick, Thomas Lindsay, Letter to Francis Edwards Ltd, 15 August 1935, qMS-0298.

Campbell, R. M., Papers. MS Papers 1900. Folder 7.

Cowan, James, Papers. MS Papers 39. Folders 2-3, 6-7, 7C, 31-37, 41A-F, 42A-F, 43A-C, 50, 53A, C-D, 54A-D, 55A-B, 67.

de Thierry, Charles, Baron, 'Historical Narrative of an Attempt to Form a Settlement in New Zealand', ed. T. Lindsay Buick, qMS-2014.

Fildes, Horace, Papers. MS Papers 1503. Folder 1.

Fildes, Horace, Scrapbook on Porirua. MS Papers 1081.

Fildes, Horace, Scrapbook on Joseph Somes, 1931. Micro MS 489.

Fildes, Horace, 'Reminiscences of James John Taine, a Wellington and New Zealand Company Pioneer Settler of 1839, Compiled by H. E. M. Fildes, with Portraits and Illustrations.' Micro MS 218.

Hall, T. D. H., Papers. MS Papers 24. Folder 3.

Harrop, A. J., Papers. MS Papers 1271. Folders 1, 5.

Heenan, J. W., Papers. MS Papers 1132. Folders 16, 30, 42, 48, 60, 89-94, 116, 134, 152, 250, 267, 290, 293, 295-296.

Lawlor, P. A., Papers. MS Papers 4310.

Lawlor, P. A., Papers. MS Papers 450. Folder 11.

Moore, Frederick George, Papers. MS Papers 36. Folder 1.

McCormick, E. H., Papers. MS Papers 166. Folder 14.

Mulgan, Alan, Papers. MS Papers 224. Folders 1, 4-6, 10, 17-19, 31-32.

Ramsden, Eric, Papers. MS Papers 196. Folders 168-171, 173, 178, 183, 186-189, 191, 266.

Ramsden, Eric, Papers. MS Papers 188. Folders 91-92.

Scholefield, G. H., Papers. MS Papers 212. Folders 37-38, 43-45, 58, 67, C1, C3A, C9-C11.

Stevens, Joan, 'Notes Relating to Joseph Somes, James Robert Gown and the Horace Fildes Collection'. MS Papers 609.

Wellington Early Settlers' and Historical Association, Minute Book, 1912-1921. MSX-3559.

Auckland Public Library

Chappell, A. B. NZMSS 135, 138, 166-7, 179.

page 159
University of Auckland Library

Airey, Willis Thomas Godwin, Papers. MSS A-201. Folders 4-5, 12-15, 63-65, 25, 35-36, 18-22.

Rutherford, James, Papers, MSS A-42. Folders E23/1; E24/3-4; E25/1-2, 4; E26/8; F27/1-3; F28/1-5; F29/1-2, 4; F30/1-2; G33/1-4; G34/1, 3-4; I39/1-6; I40/1-2.

Note. When I read the Rutherford papers in September 1996 they were sorted in two ways: by numbered boxes containing numbered folders, and by series. The series classification cuts across the box classification. At some stage errors have been made in recataloguing the boxes—there are, for instance, two boxes labelled 'box 20', each containing a number of folders. However, the collection's inventory assigns each folder a code based on the its place in the series and the collection as a whole. These codes are unique; there is no overlap as there is with the boxes. So the contents of the two box twenties have different series classifications: one has items F29/1-4, and the other has items F30/1-4. To avoid further confusion, I have cited the series classifications for each item, rather than the numbers of the boxes they are in. Boxes 28 and 29, however, are not given series codes, but from their place at the end of the collection and within the correspondence series, they would be I39 and I40. That is how they have been referenced in this thesis.
Victoria University of Wellington Library.

Beaglehole, J. C., MSS Papers. Boxes 1, 2, 4.

Beaglehole, J. C., Literary Papers. MSS B 365.

Fildes, Horace, MSS Papers. Boxes 1, 5, 8, 11a, 15-16, 34, 36-37, 39.

Fildes, Horace, Collection. Items 122, 429-30, 467, 1235a, 1522, 1801.

Lawlor, Pat, MSS L418 N. Folder 1.

Private Collection

'God's Judgment Manifestly Deliver'd and Evidently Made Known in Twelve Blasts Blown on a Brazen Trumpet, or An Essay on the History of New Zealand, Lately Set Down and Newly Revis'd and Enlarg'd by J. C. Beaglehole', MS (1936); dossier of page 160reviews of J. C. Beaglehole, New Zealand: A Short History; both in possession of Professor Tim Beaglehole, Wellington.