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Heels 1978

Another Active Year In the Life of a Tramper

Another Active Year In the Life of a Tramper

After my slothful Stewart Island summer, I rejoined Victoria University Tramping Club full of energy and ready for action. My initial achievement involved considering the Freshers' Trip. Didn't go, or anything, but I thought about it.

The next event was the AGM. There were few occurrences here though I did hear an informative discussion on the necessary qualities for a gear custodian.

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Easter followed. I saw the long weekend looming with few highlights on the social calendar so I thought perhaps I could make it to North-west Nelson. The trip lists were full, but with bribery, corruption and use of the family name, I joined up under the guise of leader. (That it was a disguise will be confirmed by any members of the party - "Tony who?...")

Shortly afterwards I heard a rumour of a work party, but decided it wasn't my kind of thing.

The wine and cheese had more appeal, and despite the appalling weather I felt obliged to put in an appearance.

Rockcraft came next. In true character with noble spirit, I offered to pass on my accumulated knowledge, experience and wisdom, and instruct. However, family duties intervened and I was compelled to convey myself to Christchurch to stay with big brother. Unfortunately, the programme organised for me included degeneracy and hard drinking with Ken J.W. Taylor. Disgusted, I only stayed a week before returning to yet another display of unselfishness and community-mindedness.

This was none other than the Alpine Instruction Course, and for four days I was to display my culinary skills, as a chef. This project was undertaken with astonishing success. Never before had alpine enthusiasts had their palates tempted with fresh fruit salad, Mother's own apple crumble, imaginative cole-slaws, the oft-talked about cheesecake, and of course the unsurpassable cheese sauce.

After this monumental effort, the Gourmet Trip felt thay could not venture forth without me. Nearer the time, they felt they couldn't venture at all, and like the apple, another dream crumbled.

August arrived, and with rugged mid-winter enthusiasm the G.F.A.C.planned another Epic. Unfortunately before the rigours and hardships undergone, the challenges faced and conquered, and the spectacular exploits of this torrid weak can be described, the magazine must face the printing process.