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Heels 1976

The Club Year

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The Club Year

It might have been suggested that after the comparatively quiet year in 1975 we were due for a more lively year in the Tramping Club. The consencus would probably be that we have had such a year in 1976. This is reflected, not so much in the number or level of the trips undertaken but certainly in the degree of participation. It has been particularly satisfying to the "veterans" to observe an infusion of new blood into the Club. There is clearly a new "hard-core" of enthusiastic trampers emerging, and complementing them, a healthy fringe element which is very necessary for the maximum number of people to gain enjoyment from our activities.

Membership is substantially up on last year's, making us as usual one of the largest and most active of the Varsity sports clubs. However the Club has its difficulties. We must contend with an inevitable decline in activity as the Varsity year enters its later months, and demands on time become more restricting. This is one of the features which makes the position of the Varsity clubs unique in tramping circles. Our activities are concentrated over specific periods of the year; and although many private trips within the Club membership occur outside these intervals the Club as such does not function. This is a barrier to continuity and favours the establishment of cliques. In-term assessment undoubtedly has an effect on weekend-type trips, with a tendency towards fewer and larger trips becoming evident.

Anyway, enough of sounding these sombre notes; it is apparent that the Club has much to offer. The flexibility in its organization and the ability to accomodate students' other pursuits - even of the academic variety - clearly has wide appeal. The first-term recorded three forty-person-plus weekend trips, including a highly successful Bushcraft, and forty-four people passed Easter in North-West Nelson Forest Park. There were as usual numerous smaller local trips. A highly enjoyable Queen's Birthday escapade to Tongariro, and the traditional A.I.C.- this year at Ruapehu - took care of the second term, along with the A.I.C. buildup and local trips. Nelson Lakes was the August trip venue, completing an active and enjoyable year.

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It remains for me to thank this year's exec. particularly Janet and Bill who also share the major responsibility for " Heels " '76. Also thanks to Olly, Brenda, and Dave for major contributions to Club administration.