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Heels 1969

Celebrating 1840 And All That

Celebrating 1840 And All That

The cummings of peoples to our part of the world was to be celebrated with a Tararua tramp. So decided us. After various trips had failed to get off the ground, (or onto the ground perhaps), we went our various ways to "fortuitously" meet at A.D. on Friday night. A full Tauwharenikau gorge was the battle plan, but due to dissention in the ranks, a successful pike was almost pulled off.

At length we decided to investigate the Omega track. Six bipeds were seen to take up their appropriate positions at the start of the aforementioned track. Five bipeds then proceeded to watch the sixth do some "Ha-ha-fooled-you-I'm-a-submarine" type tramping. The climb to Alpha via the Omega-Hell's gate route proceeded uneventfully; with a time lag of 1 hour between first and last arrivals.

The weather was unexceptionally fine - too fine to spend a night in Alpha so camping on top of Alpha was in.

Leaving Alpha at 2.45, Vosseler was obtained at 6.45, with exceptions. This was a Summer Southern Crossing at its best with what must be the best of brew spots - top of Hector. Heuy excelled himself; providing a fantastic sunset and twilight that drew bodies out of the hut at unusual moments - not for the "natural" reason this time. Hence night fell on a soul satisfying day. It's moments like these - a view from West Peak to Egmont, Ruapehu, N.W. Nelson and the Kaikouras, that brings sanity to our pastime.

With the Tauwharenikau gorge gone, the party increased by one, (who was carrying twice as much as any page 5other), and with Heuy still on holiday; the main range was our road. Nergulation, Boyd Wilson, Vosseler, Yeates and Mackintosh or is it Vosseler, Boyd Wilson ... or ... anyway. Goodies were consumed with great relish along with quantities of flax nector.

Our humble mode of locomotion was sorely pointed out to us by the leatherwood guarding the Tararua Peaks. Gravity prevailed on Tunui where the ladder was used.

Mangahuka meant a longitudinal aquatic traverse of the tarn. - All sorts of interesting things on the bottom of that tarn - natural drainage you know?

Aokaparangi bivvy received a brief visitation and Kahiwiroa lived up to its name of long ridge. Here fitness told and the procession became strung out. Seven in Anderson's makes for efficient packing - a close packed formation being preferred.

Monday Huey returned - the going was windy to Shoulder Knob and descent below the cloud brought rain. The expert navigators in the party led the fitter members down the wrong spur, so we were united once more with the rear guard.

After a Waitewaewae lunch, we salubed down to Otaki. To Aropito stream - truly Xmas Calendar country. Much motion was in order here, although Otaki Forks nearly didn't see the junior members of the party that day, as "everybody was waiting for everybody else" - so they say.

Celebrants:- John Keys, Brian Davis, Ian Arnot, Keith Jones, Geoff Hall, Nev Lupton, Dave Gledhill.