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Heels 1967

Upper Tauherenikau March '67

Upper Tauherenikau March '67

Three of us left Kaitoki Shelter Hut at about 10 a.m. on a perfectly fine, hot saturday morning, We reached Dobsons hut just in time to avoid the consequences of dehydratioin, then set off up the Marchant. Strange thing about the weather was that there wasn't a breath of wind. How lovely that would have been any other day. We caught up with one of our two solo artists near the Block 16 turnoff and only a sustained effort of power bludging got him to share some of the drink he had pinched from Dobsons. He got to Alpha to find the hut loaded with callers, C. T. C.'s and assorted peasentry.

It would have been rather nice to stroll up to the top of Alpha in the moonlight that evening. It was even nicer staying where we were. The conversation for the evening was mainly about a gentleman, who, among other things, had been seen walking about Queenstown wearing a tattered bush singlet and carrying a bunch of flowers.

Something happened to the marvellous weather overnight, and the sleeping space above the door is rather well ventilated. We returned to Hellts Gate to drop off the side at the bottom of the saddle. We reached a wee creek which winds its way down to the Tauhererikau, always looking as if there is a waterfall round the next bond. Then we hit the main river we made a rapied inspection of our pack's seaworthiness, and set of downstream. The valley soon closed in until we were forced to float down one stretch of deep green water. It was cold. After that one wet patch the river broadens out and is easily navigable. Three hours later the and comes very suddenly, just as the gorge begins to get interesting again. We were probably one of the last parties to walk under that bridge without having to duck

No need to describe the rest of the trip. —N.K.W.

Party:— Nick Whitten (leader), Julian Edmunds, Gerald Edmunds, Nigel Eggers' Euan Nicol.

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