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Heels 1967

Displaced Greater Northern. April '67

Displaced Greater Northern. April '67

Five on us went up to Powell on Friday night, the others piked at Mountain House, holding up procedings somewhat in the morning. Saturday morning was misty but not unpleasant. We scrambled up to the top of holdsworth to gain a marvellous misty view. [unclear: a] Chris left us to return to Pannister (how else could his oar get home) The rest of us went northwards to McGreger. The lowest parts of the ridge were below the mist but visibility was rather limited. We happened to choose the correct ridge to McGregor bivvy after the traditional conflict between common sense and compass. We had our first lunch at the bivvy. We were well below the mist level and could see across to the main range where Nicols Hut stood out plainly as a bright orange speak, perched on the side of the ridge. We followed down a typical forestry - type 'line of dises thru the bush' towards the Waiohine, After a lot of ups and downs the track suddenly became very sleep, and we the Waiohine (with a resounding spmosh) 100 yeas below Dorest Creck, A track to Nicoals leaves the river directly opposite (Part of the N. Z. F. E. network) Although it was just 1 p.m. and park forks was only 20 mins upstream, we didn't leave the forks for Carkeek until 3.30 p.m. The person responsible for this would rather it was not mentioned, We were all in Carkeek Hut at 5 p.m where we drew lots for the - I mattresses (was justice done to the More [unclear: a] The two 1967 Carkeek veterane took us for a guided tour of the areas, showing us places of interest The weather cleared up in the evening and as we turned in it perfectly clear and still. The [unclear: a] came up later.

Sunday morning saw seven coward's bearing out of the window watching the clouds [unclear: a] across the open tussock above the hut, and [unclear: a] wind rattling thru the trees. The loast cowardly of the group strade outside no doubt to demonstrate that it was not as bad as it looked from inside He was the one that discovered it was raining as well. However we all put on [unclear: a] gear end left the comfort of the hut for the 5 hour journey across open tops. 'It could be we [unclear: a] could be windier' we thought, until we had to climb up Lancaster on all fours. However we duly arrived at Te-[unclear: a] in time page break for a late lunch. (Plans for lunch at Arete Bench bivvy were abandoned when we failed to find the bivvy. Newcomers to the district wouldn't find it either).

The last hurdle was no trouble, the Ohau was not at all flooded, and we reached civilization just befor dark. The more energetic and/or selfish ones were rewarded with a free lift to Otaki from Pond's farmhouse (one inch clearance on the pipe bridge). Public transport home was slow and sure, digital transport fast but scarce, (when it's dark they don't know your saturated).

Party — Tom Clarkson (leader), Ross Gooder, Harry Perarce, Roger Lavers, Nigel Eggers, Chris Peterson, David Porter, Nick Whitten — N. K. [unclear: W].