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Heels 1962

Ruapehu - Queen's Birthday 1961

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Ruapehu - Queen's Birthday 1961

A looooong ride in a truck on Friday night with all comfortably recumbent finished at Horopito about 2 or 3 in the morning. At a comfort stop en route one character very nearly got left behind, marooned in the outhouse (grim fate). We had some trouble finding the track from the road-end, with torches exploring in every direction, but in due course the caravan plodded off, and the early morning mist found it wending its way across a snow—grass plain haunted by the occasional snow-pole. In unfolding daylight we crossed the low ridge to the Wanganui T. C. hut in the Mangaturuturu valley. A little breakfast for recumbence was indulged in, whichafter various and diverse persons topographized here and there- abouts (that is, when translated into the vernacular — explored). A steep, snow-filled valley provided gentle amusement, with thin ice-sheets over rock, and a rock-spur upon which Mr. Barry gave a passable imitation of a Barbary ape. A class containing about 4 members meanwhile remained happily recumbent. A highly intellectual evening followed, with such elevating pastimes as trussing persons up with ropes and hauling them up and down between the bunk—levels.

The next day almost all persons trudged some distance up the mole- hill—side, hurling abuse at the great Hughie, who merely hurled back with greater velocity and abundance wind-gusts, rain and general nastiness.

Early next morning, some six Keen Nerks set off to clamber to the top of the mole-hill. They reached the crater-rim about 8 a.m., nibbled oranges and threw the pips into the very un-terrestrial crater lake, and in due course came down.

Apart from one or two untoward incidents, and regrettable actions on the part of certain persons, a very pleasant and enjoyable trip, and we hope it will be repeated.


Party: Ray Hoare, Steve Reid, Bill Stephenson, John Ross, Syd Moore, John Sharman, Geoff Norris, Les McLachlan, Charlie Page, Fay Crump, Jill Lloyd, Linda Redmond, Mike Heenan, Hugh Campbell, Mike Harris, Rob Laking, Betty Mclntosh, Jenny Ross, Margaret Macpherson, Barbara Wallace, Peter Barry, Kerry Stevens, Brian Dawkins, Ian Cave (leader)