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Life in Feejee, or, Five Years among the Cannibals


page xiii


Chapter I.
Arrival at New Zealand; Visit at Pahia; Departure from New Zealand; Arrival at Feejee; Visits from the Natives; Arrival at Bau; Visit from Tanoa, the King of Bau, and his son; Thakombau; Departure of the Zotoff; Vewa and its Missionaries; Its Chiefs; Destruction of Vewa,
Chapter II.
Lasakau Procession; Murder; Massacre at Vewa; Islands of Feejee; Storm; Rebellion at Bau,
Chapter III.
Gods of Feejee; The faithfulness of a Feejeean; Temples of Feejee; Verani Renounces Heathenism; Murder of a Lasakau Chief; Strangling; of Women,
Chapter IV.
An Instance of Feejeean Justice; Visit to the Lasakau Widow; A Sabbath in Vewa; A Feejeean Princess; Arrival of the Zotoff; Meeting of the Chiefs on board; Polygamy; Departure from Vewa; Treachery of a Chief; Arrival at Bua; Its King; Introduction of Fire-arms,
Chapter V.
Mathuata and its Chiefs; Funeral Ceremonies; Conversation with a Priest; Wreck of the Ship Glide, of Salem; Jekombea; The Exiled Chief; Visit to Vesongo; A Feast,
Chapter VI.
Intelligence from Bau; The Frolic of the White Men; Burning of the "Beech de mer" House; Murder of the King of Mathuata; A Story; Ingratitude; The Rescue,
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Chapter VII.
Missionary Intelligence; Murder of Four White Men at Navu; An Amusing Occurrence; Retova's Barber; Manufacture of Cloth; Productions of the Islands,
Chapter VIII.
The Plot; The Unwelcome Guests; The Flight; False Statements,
Chapter IX.
Destruction of Rewa; The Prisoner; Return to Bau; A Mistake; Arrival of the American Consul; The Lazy Boy; The Escape; Return to Bau; Vatai; The Tonga Chief; Queen of Rewa; Captives at Bau; Origin of the War with Rewa,
Chapter X.
Visit to Bau; A Feejeean House; A Temple; Visit to a "Buri"; Departure from Bau; Mock Piety of Namosimalua; Departure from the Islands; Arrival at Manicola; Loss of Two French Ships; A Dangerous Situation; The Island Flower-vase; Young Williams's Group; Straits of Bernardino,
Chapter XI.
Arrival at Manilla; Its Inhabitants; Its Buildings; Bazars; Visit to the Pina Factory; The Escolta; Departure from Manilla; Return to the Young Williams's Group; Its Inhabitants; Our Departure; The Greenwich Islands; The Dangerous Reef; Pleasant Island,
Chapter XII.
Return to Manicola; Supposed Treachery of the Natives; Arrival at Feejee; A Delicious Feast; Arrival at Bau; Visit of Tanoa; Destruction of Two Whaling Vessels; Natawa War; Ceremony of Anointing a Warrior,
Chapter XIII.
Visit at Bau; The Fancy Ball; The Ride; Arrival of the Mission Schooner, Triton; A Perilous Adventure; A Novel Mode of Punishment; Execution at Bau; The Bachelor,
Chapter XIV.
The National Dance; The Wedding; Death of the Princess; War with Nakelo; The Lunatic; Evil Spirits; The Alarm; Strangling of a Woman at Bau,
236 page xv
Chapter XV.
Departure for Ba; The Soul Destroyer; The Attack; Account of One Buried Alive,
Chapter XVI.
Departure from Ba; Arrival at Bau; Second Destruction of Rewa; Arrival of the Missionaries; Abandonment of the mission at Somosomo; The Dinner; The Coronation,
Chapter XVII.
The Ordeal; Our Departure for Manilla; Arrival; Christmas in Manilla; Execution; A Procession; Cemetery; Departure for America; St. Helena; Arrival at Home,
Chapter XVIII.
Departure for a Second Voyage to Feejee; Arrival at New Zealand; Death of Two Missionaries; Departure from New Zealand; Arrival at Feejee; Trials of the Missionaries; The Gale,
Chapter XIX.
Departure for Ba; Feejeean Names; Dillon's Rock; Prospect of a Battle; Visit of a Missionary; A Feejeean Plot; The "Soro,"
Chapter XX.
Visit to Raverave; Feejeean Affection; Visit to Bua; Feejeean Courtesy; District Meeting; Arrival of the Zotoff; Departure from Bua; Arrival at Vetelavu; Thakombau's Visit; Cannibalism,
Chapter XXI.
The angry chief; Popery in Feejee; Conspiracy; A Letter; Arrival at Bau; Dirge; Our Final Departure from Feejee; The Uncas; Arrival at Manilla; Departure; Small-pox on board; Deaths; St. Helena; Home,