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Letters from New Zealand 1857-1911


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I. II. III. 1857. First Year in New Zealand.
IV. 1858. First Parochial Work.
V. 1864. Homewards to obtain Clergy.
VI. VII. 1866. West Coast Goldfields.
VIII. IX. Diocesan and General Synod.
X. Miners. Bishop Harper.
XI. New Zealand Church Constitution.
XII. 1875. Departure from West Coast.
XIII. XIV. XV. Timaru, South Canterbury.
XVI. 1889. England. Italy.
XVII. XVIII. XIX. Parochial and Diocesan Work.
XX. 1898. England. Italy. Sicily. Egypt.
XXI. XXII. 1900. Church Government in New Zealand.
XXIII. Social Life in New Zealand.
XXIV. XXV. 1909. Completion S. Mary's Church, Timaru.
XXVI. 1911. Farewell to New Zealand.