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England and the Maori Wars


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I am much indebted to the officials of the Public Record Office, the British Museum and Newspaper Repository, the libraries of the Royal Empire Society, Colonial Office, War Office, and the Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society, London, and the Public Library, New Plymouth, for their courtesy and help during the ten years since the collection of material for this book was begun. The late Mr. H. E. M. Fildes, of Wellington, a careful student of New Zealand's early history, kindly helped me by reading through the material in its raw state and making several useful comments. For the opportunity to read Henry Sewell's Journal and for encouragement at various stages of the work, I must thank Dr. James Hight, Rector of Canterbury University College, whose wonderful capacity for assisting and inspiring others has won him the respect and affection of all fortunate enough to be associated with him. Where original documents of a very controversial period are being studied for the first time, the task of sifting the material in order to include the essential and to eliminate the irrelevant, however interesting it may be, is a heavy one. For much help in this and the many other tasks connected with the production of this volume I am deeply grateful to my wife.

For help in regard to the illustrations my thanks are due to the New Zealand Government, for permission to use several blocks used in The New Zealand Wars and the Pioneering Period by James Cowan; the Librarian, High Commissioner's Office, London; Messrs. John Murray and Messrs. Sampson Low, Marston & Co., Ltd.; Mr. T. E. Donne and Mr. H. E. M. Fildes for photographs of William Thompson, the Maori King Maker; Major W. Fowler, for securing the page 8 photograph of the oil painting of General Sir Duncan Cameron in the Queen's Barracks, Perth, headquarters of the Black Watch. I am grateful to Mr. F. H. Coventry, 3 Stanley Gardens, London W.11, for the great care he has taken with the cover design, frontispiece, and map.

A. J. H.