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Typo: A Monthly Newspaper and Literary Review, Volume 4

[miscellaneous paragraphs]

An East Coast paper is edited by a man of law. In a late article on the labor troubles he deplores the « anachronistic ineptness » of some of his contemporaries, and says that their « ethical vagaries would canonize the worst criminals, and transmute crimes into virtues. »

The serious waste of human lung-power at public gatherings in groaning and hooting has not received the attention it merits. In the « near future, » as our Yankee friends would say, we may expect this work to be more efficiently performed (when required) by machinery. To the ingenuity of the Union Shipping Company's officers is due the introduction of this new labor-saving invention. On the occasion of the strikers' parade in Wellington on the 27th inst., some of the hangers-on, as the processionists passed the wharf, loudly hooted and groaned the steamers lying there. Somewhat to their astonishment the Hauroto responded with a long and terrific blast on her siren, completely drowning the noise of the crowd. Then the Kanieri took up the strain with a series of vigorous whistles, anything but « canary » -like; the Moa lustily hooted, and the Waihi, Mana, and Stormbird joined in chorus with fog-horns and steam-whistles. The lofty hills around sent back the echoes, and for five minutes there was a steam orchestra in full blast such as Wellington never heard. The men in the procession received the demonstration with good humor, and when the discord had ceased gave three cheers for the steamers.