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Typo: A Monthly Newspaper and Literary Review, Volume 4

[miscellaneous paragraphs]

The Prohibitionist is the title of a new temperance organ lately started in Christchurch.

The Sporting Review is the name of a new periodical issued in Auckland by Mr H. H. Hayr.

The Manawatu Herald, hitherto published semi-weekly, is henceforth to appear on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Mr W. A. King has started business as letterpress and litho printer and bookbinder in Devon-street, New Plymouth.

The evening paper established by Mr Ivess at Newcastle (N.S.W.) has died very young. His papers have all proved tender plants, and cannot as a rule stand union wages.

It is not a very important matter to be made the subject of a cable message; but a home telegram records that Mr Whistler, the artist, thrashed Mr Moore, editor of Hawk, with a light cane, in the lobby of Drury Lane Theatre. It is probable that the artist merited the criticism, and that the editor deserved the caning.

Mr Joseph Syme, a noted Melbourne free-thought orator and journalist, has been committed for trial for a criminal libel on a man named Morris.

Tauranga has once again a second newspaper. Mr Robert Henry is the printer, and the paper, which is to appear thrice weekly, is entitled the Evening News.

The Wellington Press gets off a neat joke at the expense of the two chief Parliamentary Windbags: « Fish and Fisher—positive and comparative—be thankful there's no superlative!»

The proprietors of the Christchurch Trade and Labor Chronicle having made a full and unreserved apology to Messrs Whitcombe and Tombs, the firm have withdrawn the action for libel.

The Coromandel News has completed its fourth year. It says that at its start, confident predictions were made that it would not live three months. For once the soothsayers were mistaken.

Mr Alfred Dolamore, editor and part proprietor of the Mataura Ensign, has just been elected Mayor of Gore, beating the last occupant of the civic chair, the eccentric Mr Simpson, by fifty votes.

We regret to note that Mr Vesey Hamilton, editor of the Canterbury Times, has had to resign on account of ill-health. The Hon. Mr Reeves, on behalf of the staff, presented him with a set of pictures and an illuminated address.

We observe, from a copy of the Clutha Leader which we neglected to open last month, that Mr J. S. Algie, on severing his connexion with the Leader, was presented by the staff with a handsome gold pin, as a parting token of esteem.

The proprietors of the Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph, and Evening News have been served with writs claiming £10,000 in each case. The proceedings are taken under an act of Charles II (?) which renders any newspapers publishing advertisements containing prices of admission of a Sunday entertainment liable to pay a penalty of £50 for every such advertisement, which fine goes to the person who first institutes proceedings. The speculator in old statutes has made a dash for £30,000. How much will he get?

Some more curiosities of advertising, from our exchanges:—

TO Shoemakers.—Wanted, tenders for half-soling a pair of boots. Address, Skinflint, Post Office, Napier.

Boycot!—The Boycot is Removed This Day from Tom McTurton for having eaten an egg laid by a hen that was fed by a child that read a book printed by Whitcombe and Tombs, upon his having promised to kill the hen. (Signed) Jack, House Builder, Acting Secretary Holus Bolus Society Affiliated.

—These are pieces of jocosity, but the following, in the Otago Daily Times, bearing the signature of Mr Vincent Pyke, a well-known literary M.H.R., is in grim earnest:—

If the Book-Fiend who persisted in leaving his wares at my house contrary to my wife's remonstrances, and during my absence, does not forthwith remove them, and pay the cost of this advertisement, I shall order them to be sold at his risk for the benefit of whom it may concern.

The labor papers are mostly edited by amateurs without any literary training. One result of this is an unprecedented amount of libel business in the courts.

The Manawatu Daily says:—It is with considerable regret that we notice that Mr F. Pirani has been selected as the labor candidate for the Palmerston seat, for the reason that he has been a very efficient member of our staff, and this necessitates the resignation of his position…. We sincerely wish that the labor party had selected some other candidate, more especially as Mr Pirani assured us he had no desire to stand. By his removal from our staff we lose a conscientious, hardworking, and able assistant whom it will be difficult to replace, and whose value has been appreciated by us during some years of of active service.