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Typo: A Monthly Newspaper and Literary Review, Volume 4

[miscellaneous paragraphs]

The Wellington Evening Press and the Napier Evening News are now on the list of offices worked on Society lines.

The arrangement by which Mr R. S. Hawkins was to purchase the Wellington Press has been rescinded. Mr W. F. Roydhouse is now sole proprietor.

Mr C. Priestley, a comp on the Gisborne Standard, is leaving for Melbourne shortly. He is a steady plodding young fellow, a half-caste, and can hold his own at composition with any ordinary « pakeha. »

On the 23rd inst., in the Evening Press office, Wellington, Mr Grenside, on behalf of the composing-staff, presented Mr B. Young, who is leaving the office, with a souvenir. Mr Young has been on the staff from the first issue of the Press, six years ago.

The Egmont Settler, a newly-established paper, is already in trouble. A letter personally attacking Mr Justice Connolly was allowed to appear in its columns, and it is stated that Mr Ballance, the proprietor, will be called upon to answer a charge of contempt of Court.

Mr. Loughnan, late of the Catholic Times, and formerly of the Lyttelton Times, has been appointed editor of the Wellington Times. Under the direction of so able a journalist, the morning paper of the capital city ought to recover its lost ground; and Mr. Loughnan is to be congratulated on again entering a sphere in which he can find scope for his talents.

We have again to ask the indulgence of our Subscribers for the late appearance of our monthly issue. The unavoidable loss of time incident on removal, and the disorganization of the entire carrying-trade of the Colony, are the causes.

We have prepared, and will publish in our next issue, a full history of the Labor Troubles of the month, so far as the Typographical Associations are concerned; together with an outline of the events which have brought about a temporary paralysis of trade in the Colony.

It is reported that the Rev. Mark Guy Pearce intends to visit Australia and New Zealand early next year.

The Tablet—the authorized organ in Great Britain of the Church of Rome—has completed a half-century of existence, and celebrated its « golden jubilee » on the 16th May.

The N. Z. Volunteer Gazette has begun a new series, and is greatly improved in appearance. It is printed on a better quality of paper, and the pages are surrounded by a treble rule.

The following is from the reflections of an American philosopher:—

The weary brain will plot and plan
Some way of duty shirking—
It's queer how hard a lazy man
Will work to keep from working!

A contemporary, as a proof of its unexampled success, informs its readers that it has « had to cable home for an increased supply of paper. » Strange, when a sixpenny « delayed » to the nearest big city would have answered the purpose!

Gisborne possesses a flourishing Phonographic Society, chiefly composed of young compositors and journalists, which is doing a good deal in the promotion of intellectual effort. The former president, Mr J. Drum-mond, is now on the « Hansard » staff.

Mr Whiteley King, a well-known New Zealand pressman, has been appointed secretary to the Union formed by the pastoralists of New South Wales to counterbalance the labor-unions. The salary is £400 per annum. There were 150 applicants for the situation.

Here are two curiosities in advertising from the New Zealand papers of the present month. The first is from an Auckland paper; the second is from the « agony column » of the Grey River Argus:

Notice of H. V. Martin's departure for Melbourne

Notice—H. V. Martin, Artist and Engraver, will leave for Melbourne, via Sydney, early in August. All money due to the abovementioned individual must be paid by the 26th July, 1890. All claims against same will be settled by 28th inst.—I leave one of the finest climates and countries one could wish to live in, and will return when honest and intelligent statesmen repair the bottom.

Notice to Miss M.

Miss M.—I am leaving Greymouth, but before going must thank you for your assistance. It has been invaluable. Your keeping me enlightened as to his movements, has been the means of me being able to accomplish my designs. I am very grateful to you.

The Tipperary Nationalist, for libelling Colonel Caddell, R.M., in an article headed « Colonel Caddell, the Cad, Pup and Brute, » has been adjudged to pay £1500 damages.