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Typo: A Monthly Newspaper and Literary Review, Volume 4

Cold-melting Apparatus for Lithographers.—

Cold-melting Apparatus for Lithographers.—

The Senefelder export house (Krebs), Frankfort-on-the-Main, has introduced an apparatus patented in Germany, by means of which powdered resin, which is dusted over litho-stones or zinc-plates before etching, is melted without heat. It is possible with this apparatus to cover any engraving, crayon, or pen-drawing on stone or zinc with the necessary coat of resin, and to etch it within a few minutes. The solution of the resin is effected by the vapor of ether, and the advantages gained by using the apparatus are principally due to a movable car and adjustable ether-plates, all danger of spoiling the work by touching the plate or stone being thereby avoided. A further advantage lies in the facility with which the resin may be melted on a part of the surface only, by passing the car rapidly over other parts, thus exempting them from the effects of the ether-vapor. The work is never, as in other methods, removed from view.—American Lithographer and Printer. [There seems some confusion of terms here, « melting » being used in place of « dissolving. » The practical effect, however, appears to be the same.]