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Typo: A Monthly Newspaper and Literary Review, Volume 4

Oblique Bodies.—

Oblique Bodies.—

The occasional practice of casting sloping founts on oblique bodies is not by any means new; but we believe that the useful improvement now made use of by Gustave Mayeur, of Paris, is. In his « Algerian Ornate, » the two larger sizes are cast in the usual style for oblique type, with three-sided quads at the end to make the lines lock up true. In the smallest size there is a considerable advance on this practice. Every letter is cast with a projection on one side and a corresponding slot on the other. This locks the letters, and prevents the types from slipping out of line, as they infallibly do in the ordinary system. A small three-sided space, which is scarcely necessary, is provided to fill the opening in the first letter. The only defect we see in these obliquely-east letters is, that it is impossible to make a full line with them. In the larger styles, the slope above the letter keeps it at least an em from the end of the measure.