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Typo: A Monthly Newspaper and Literary Review, Volume 4

Advertising Devices

page 68

Advertising Devices.

Last year we showed some clever optical illusions from the Paper and Printing Trades Journal, which have been in great request for advertising purposes. We are now in a position to show two more of these diagrams. The first is contributed by the editor of Typo, and is thus introduced by Mr Tuer in the Journal:— « Guess, by eye-measurement only, which is the longest and which the shortest of the three lines marked aa, bb, and CC. When you have done guessing, measure them, and see how awfully you are out! » The next is the Hat Puzzle. « Look at the cut, and without measuring say which is the greater distance—across the top of the hat, or from top to bottom. Then put your own hat on the table about a yard in front of you, and carefully reconsider the problem. When you have absolutely made up your mind, take a foot-rule and measure your hat both ways. You will be very clever indeed if you guess correctly: nineteen out of twenty persons go wrong! » The accompanying silhouettes— « the disreputable-looking comp, alive with humorous energy, » and the little girls at play, are the work of a clever and versatile Scottish printer, Mr John Fairley, manager of the Leith Burghs Pilot, by whose kind permission they are reproduced. Few would guess the process by which they are produced—by means of the fret-saw, in the use of which he has attained extraordinary skill. They are no less remarkable for artistic expression than for mechanical dexterity.