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Typo: A Monthly Newspaper and Literary Review, Volume 4

New System of Spaces.—

New System of Spaces.—

Messrs Marder, Luse, & Co., have struck out a new line in spaces, which, henceforth, no matter what the body of the type may be, are to be cast to even points, and in the smaller sizes, up to pica, to half-points. While this is an improvement on the present system, it falls far short of what is required. Take the largest size in the scheme, for example—72-point. The spaces are 72 (em), 36, 21, 18, 12, and 6. The hair-space is a nonpareil thick, and the gradations are by nonpareil! To remedy this deficiency, however, the firm have carried out Typo's suggestion, made two years ago, and supply for all the large sizes of type, (if specially ordered) brass hair-spaces of 1 and 2-point. Provided with these the happy comp may at last dispense with scissors and paper-scraps.