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Typo: A Monthly Newspaper and Literary Review, Volume 4

[miscellaneous paragraphs]

« Cyclops » writes in the Mataura Ensign:—The reporter who wishes to « fill up » lays himself out for long words. A very good illustration of this art I saw in a Canterbury paper a few weeks ago. A circus was in the town, and the reporter in referring to the music provided, wished to say that some time had elapsed since a circus band was last heard. He put it thus: « It is some time since the town has been treated to a specimen of equescurriculous orchestration. » This as a sample of its sort, it would be hard to beat. Personally I yield the gentleman the palm. I could never rise to that giddy height.

An ominous sign of the times is the large proportion of little children who are obliged to wear spectacles. The absurdly early school age in force in the colony is the principal cause. Not only are infants at school when they should be at play; but they have to pore over « home lessons » when they should be in bed. In the interests not only of economy, but of education, the Post has been advocating the raising of the school age. A contemporary, unable to answer its arguments, calls it « a Tory organ of the deepest tinge. » Health and the faculty of vision are surely more important than party considerations, or even than those adduced by the Post, and « Tory » or no « Tory, » every reasonable person, with the welfare of future generations at heart, will agree with our Wellington contemporary.