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Typo: A Monthly Newspaper and Literary Review, Volume 4

[trade dispatches]

[Our mention of the New Zealand Herald was an error. We find, on reference to the notes from which the article was written, that our contributor made a slip of the pen, and wrote New Zealand. We made the mistake of inserting Herald, instead of er. The remark following, about the alternate advertising sheet, applies to the Herald, and was added to our correspondent's notes. We have no personal knowledge of the other matters to which Mr Smith refers. The omission of his name was doubtless accidental, as he is referred to in the lette;- accompanying the notes, and his name appears in a diagram of the arrangement of the new composing-room, which, as it would be of interest only to old Cross hands, we did not reproduce.—Ed. Typo.']

In the Court of Exchequer, in the libel case against the Irish Times, based on a typographical error, Baron Dowse said he had found himself reported in a Cork paper as quoting « Better fifty years of Europe than a circus in Bombay »! but it did not occur to him to institute an action for libel against the paper.—The Wanganui Herald is responsible for the statement that a rival journal « is making headway, and causing consternation in the firmanent of the Star. Wanganui is bound to come out ahead, even in tangled metaphor.—For ingenious mistranslation, the schoolboy is not easily surpassed. « With a corn he danceth » is a young hopeful's rendering of cum grano salis.—The catalogue of a scientific library lately sold by auction in a northern city, contained some curious items. Among a score of similar specimens, were « Demosthene's on the Crown, » « Light and Science for Leisure Hours, » « The Universe of Coming Transits, » « More Words than One, Brewster, » » Robins on Greek and English Lexicon, » « Tichte Samiliche Werke, » « Handbach der Churgie, » « Traite's Mecanique, » « Lehrbuch's der Phisiologyehes. » The last two are particularly good.