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Typo: A Monthly Newspaper and Literary Review, Volume 4



Mr Mervyn L. Hawkes, author of « A Primrose Dame, » died on 28th October, aged 28.

In the May number of the Shorthand Journal is announced the death, in Sydney, at an advanced age, of Mr Jacob Pitman, an elder brother of Isaac Pitman, the inventor of phonography. In the shorthand portion of the paper is a brief article by Mr Pitman, written by him in January last, he then being confined to his bed. The Journal promises a biographical account of the deceased gentleman's Australian career.

It is with great regret that we note the death (reported by telegram from Berlin, dated 27th December) of Dr Heinrich Schliemann, at the age of 68. Dr Schliemann was one of the most distinguished archæologists of the century, and his discoveries at the hill of Hissarlik alone were sufficient to establish a lasting reputation. He seemed to possess a species of insight—a kind of mental divining-rod—and in regions ransacked for ages by rapacious hordes in search of treasure, seemed able to go straight to unsuspected and uninviting spots, whence he disentombed marvels of antique art. His discoveries have removed the Homeric poems from the region of myth to that of ancient history. Only last mail news was received of the vigorous manner in which he was still exploring the site of ancient Troy; and his removal in the midst of his usefulness, when years of active work might have still been expected from him, will be deplored by the whole scientific world.