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Typo: A Monthly Newspaper and Literary Review, Volume 4

Classification of Compositors now Working in the Colony.—

Classification of Compositors now Working in the Colony.—

All Compositors bonâ-fide Members of the Society, of good repute in the trade and twenty-one years of age, shall be entitled to receive from the Executive, without any examination, a Third-Class Certificate of competency. Compositors having worked as journeymen three years consecutively in a « fair » office shall be entitled to a Second-Class Certificate; and for a period of seven years in a first-class office, a First-Class Certificate. And the Executive of the Supreme Council may at their discretion grant Certificates without examination, on receipt of evidence satisfactory to them of the Candidate's fitness. But after the 31st December, 189-, Certificates shall not on any pretext be granted without examination except to new arrivals by sea, and not to them until they have fully satisfied the Executive of the Society, by such tests as the Executive shall decide upon, of their abilities as competent workmen. The fee for all Journeymen's Certificates shall be £1, and for the endorsement of a higher grade on existing Certificates, 5/- each time, payable in advance. Certificates shall not be issued to persons in arrears of payments to the Society. Any certificated Compositor six months in arrears of dues shall have his Certificate suspended until such dues are paid; notice of such suspension to be sent to his employer or overseer; and such suspension shall disqualify him for work in any of the Society offices. For continued flagrant breach of the laws of the Society, the Executive may cancel a Certificate; subject, however, to revision by the next Annual Meeting of Members, to which meeting an explanation and reasons for cancellation shall be given.