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Typo: A Monthly Newspaper and Literary Review, Volume 4

Examination Suggestions.—

Examination Suggestions.—

First Year.—Examined in names and sizes of types, say from nonpareil to two-line pica; the relative values in sizes of spaces; an intelligent knowledge of all the boxes in type-cases, with the variations of lays in leading offices. Second Year.—Examined in the relative sizes of leads, clumps, and brass-rule; required an increased knowledge of the sizes and names of types of all ranges; to compose, correct, and distribute a stickful of type; the supervisor to check the time taken and retain the proof with the reader's marks for transmission with the other papers to the Examining Board: also to lay down, lock up, and prove two octavo pages— the supervisor to report on the work. Third Year.—To write an intelligent recapitulation of the two previous years' work; to compose an octavo display circular or handbill from manuscript—the proof-copy with reader's corrections (the reader not to alter style) to be sent in with the Candidate's other papers, with a note by the Supervisor of the time taken; at the discretion of the Supervisor to lay down and impose four pages octavo or quarto, he to report in writing on the work to the Board. Fourth Year.—To compose an octavo page of brevier from supplied manuscript, said manuscript to be reasonably difficult; proof with reader's marks and note of time taken to be sent in to Board with other papers, with any remarks that the Supervisor thinks necessary on the Candidate's work and style; to impose eight octavo pages; and to compose a table from reprint copy. Fifth Year. To cast-off and compose to a given size of paper a mixed-size type table from manuscript copy; to compose at his option a paragraph of either Latin, French, or Greek, from manuscript (but one to be compulsory); to lay down and impose sixteen pages of octavo. Supervisor to report on work as in previous cases. Sixth Year.—To compose from manuscript to be supplied a mathematical examination-paper, also a Greek examination-paper; to impose a sheet of twelves; to write a short essay on the necessary qualifications of a printer— the composition to receive marks for its purity of English, &c. The Supervisor to report on actual work as before. Raising Certificates. To have been in work either continuously or intermittently for at least twelve months; to answer satisfactorily any written questions of experts in newspaper- and book-work; to write a short essay on his experience of the working of these regulations in his particular case: marks to be given for purity of diction, &c. The maximum number of marks to be 500, of which the Candidate must score 350 for a First-Class, or over 250 for a Second-Class Certificate.