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Typo: A Monthly Newspaper and Literary Review, Volume 4

Old Rollers for Copying-Ink.—

Old Rollers for Copying-Ink.—

Pointers writes:—A customer complained a few days ago that a new set of rollers we sent him were no good because they would not print a job in copying-ink. If he had known that copying-ink can be successfully worked only with rollers too old and hard for anything else, he would not have spoiled his job and mined his new rollers by trying to use them in such ink. New rollers never will work copying-ink, nor will any other rollers which are good for anything else. On a copying-ink job put the oldest rollers in the office, after washing them clean and sponging off with water thoroughly, and the ink will work satisfactorily. To wash off copying-ink, use only water—benzine, turpentine, &c., will only set it and make it stick the faster.