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Typo: A Monthly Newspaper and Literary Review, Volume 1


page 14


It is easy, with the help of a dictionary, to write in a foreign tongue—but we will not guarantee the correctness of the idiom. A Swiss signboard reads

Hung with Stage Coach.

The second line is supposed to be equivalent to « executed with diligence. »

« Farewell » was the title of a poem recently sent us. It's as well that the gifted authoress bade it good-bye—she will see it no more.

In one of Messrs J. Walker & Co.'s recent lists of correspondence papetries, occurs the following odd juxtaposition of names:— « Gladstone, The Crocodile, The Old Saxon »!

The lum ti tum visiting card of members of the Chinese Legation in this city, says the New York Sun, is about the size of a Western Union telegraph blank, and has the same yellowish tint. Yellow to a Chinaman is like green to Erin's sons. The name of the Chinese Swell on the card looks as if a spider had rested confidingly on it only to be hit by a brick.

Two men started on a wager to see which could tell the biggest falsehood. No 1 commenced: « A wealthy country editor ——— » « Hold on! » said No. 2, and paid the forfeit.