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The Second Year of One of England's Little Wars

To Thomas Fitgerald, Superintendent Napier. — P.S.—


Thomas Fitgerald,

Superintendent Napier.


you have omitted to insert the most important topic of our discussion. I had left it for you to insert, as it arose from your answer to my proposal, that we should go to Taranaki to inquire into the cause of the disturbance. It was proposed in reply to leave it to the Queen to judge between the Governor and Wm. King. You witnessed the general assent of all to that proposal that the Queen should be the judge. Well, does this look in your opinion like a rebellious word in regard to the Queen, that you have left it out of sight, and taken up that word of your own invention about the Maori making war against the Queen? Sir, the Maori does not consider that he is fighting against the Queen. I beg therefore that you will cease to pervert words, and rather consent to our proposal that we should all join in writing a letter to the page 90 Governor (to propose) that the war may be stopped, and that it may be left for the Queen to decide in this quarrel; and then let us write a letter to the Queen (to pray) that she will send a Commissioner (Kai-whakawa) to stand between us, and let us all joint together in inquiring into this dispute. Cease (arbitration) by guns, and now let it be left to inquiry, that a remnant of men may be left.

From Renata.