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Geology of the Provinces of Canterbury and Westland, New Zealand : a report comprising the results of official explorations

Building Stones, 1864

Building Stones, 1864.

According to instructions received from the Provincial Grovernment, to examine the districts around Christchureh, for the purpose of fixing the principal localities whence good building materials were available, I first visited Banks Peninsula, where I inspected all localities in which quarries had already been opened, and afterwards noted a considerable number of places where good building stones might be obtained advantageously. During these examinations I ascended all the principal peaks on Banks Peninsula, noted the main geological features, and studied the rather complex structure of that interesting volcanic system. Having accomplished this object, I proceeded to the Malvern Hills, where I examined a great number of localities, where building stones of fine quality and other rocks of economic value could be obtained, collecting a number of specimens in illustration. During this journey I ascended Mount Torlesse, Big Ben in the Thirteen Mile Bush range, and several other mountain summits, and being in the right season of the year, reaped a rich harvest of plants, amongst which were several new species, not before collected by me. During the month of January, 1864, I finally visited the Waipara and Weka Pass districts, and examined the large deposits of rocks possessing economic value, which cover there a considerable portion of the country. page 60On February 4th, 1864, I presented a report to the Provincial Government, oa the building stones collected during these journeys, together with thirty-two specimens, which are now deposited in the Canterbury Museum. This report* was printed in the local newspapers on the following day.

* Report on the Building Stones of the Province of Canterbury, New Zealand. 'First Series. By Julius Haast, Ph.D., F.G.S., Provincial Geologist.