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Birds of the Water Wood & Waste


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Female Falcon about to cover Young Frontispiece
Scaup's Nest in Flax facing 35
Blue Duck in Waikahau River facing 41
Blue Duck's Nest under clump of Hill Flax facing 42
Blue Duck in Quiet Pool facing 46
Blue Duck with Young facing 48
Grey Duck's Nest in Fern facing 50
River Scene with Blue Duck facing 52
Brown Duck Resting in shade facing 55
Male and Female Brown Duck facing 58
Young Kingfishers—showing Nest in Sandbank facing 61
Kingfisher and Tailless Lizard facing 64
A Kingfisher Quartette facing 66
Kingfisher carrying Lizard facing 72
Kingfisher with Cicada facing 72
Weka's Nest with Eggs facing 78
Male Pukeko on Nest facing 84
Pukeko's Nest facing 86
“Budget” drying himself facing 90
“Budget” and Chick facing 90
“Budget” feeding the little ones facing 94
“Budget,” “Till” and “Quintus” facing 96
Male Pukeko sitting facing 102
Male Pukeko coming on to nest facing 106page vii
facing Page
“Budget” facing 108
Pukeko Sitting on Eggs facing 112
Young Harriers facing 114
Young Harriers Quarrelling facing 116
Harrier's Nest in Raupo Swamp facing 118
Falcon creeping on to Young facing 123
Hen Falcon Sitting facing 125
Falcon's Nest facing 126
Expectant facing 128
Feeding Time facing 130
Young Falcon facing 130
Nest of Ground Lark facing 133
Ground Lark Nestlings facing 136
Ground Lark about to feed Young facing 140
Fantail's Nest showing Tail facing 143
Fantail's Nest in Manuka facing 143
Fantail's Nest facing 145
Fantail facing 146
Fantail facing 146
Fantail facing 148
Nest of Waxeye in Manuka Bush facing 150
Sanitation of Nest facing 150
Male and Female Waxeye facing 155
Waxeye feeding Nestlings facing 155
“Nothing More” facing 155
Hen Warbler approaching Nest facing 157
Warblers feeding Young facing 159
Male and Female Warblers facing 159
Fern Bird's Nest in clump of “Cutty Grass” facing 160page viii
facing Page
Fren Birds by Nest facing 160
Male and Female Fern Bird by Nest facing 162
Fern Bird feeding Young facing 162
Fern Bird entering Nest facing 162
Fern Bird about to settle on Nest facing 164
Fern Bird and Young facing 164
Fern Bird facing 164
Fern Bird inspecting Nest fro Sanitation facing 164
Tui feeding Young with Fuchsia Berry facing 166
Tui's Nest in Tarata facing 171
Hen Pigeon Sitting facing 174
Pigeon's Nest as first seen facing 175
“Pidgie” and his Mother facing 175
Young Pigeon expecting Food facing 178
Pigeon very angry facing 180
Hen Pigeon and Young facing 182
Preparing to resist facing 184
Young Pigeon being Fed facing 185
Young Pigeon being Fed facing 187
“Kuku” facing 189
Up in arms facing 188
“Uncle Harry” facing 191
“Uncle Harry” three weeks old facing 194
“Uncle Harry” in his Artificial Nest facing 196
“Unccle Harry” and his Mother facing 198
“No. 4” facing 203
“No. 4” at Breakfast facing 205
Child feeding Pigeons facing 207