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Reminiscences of The War in New Zealand


page ix


Chap. Page
    Preliminary Chapter 1
I. Landing of Troops at Wanganui 2
II. Colonial Forces under Imperial Rule: Battle of Waireka 9
III. Colonial Forces under Imperial Rule—continued: Battles of Mahoetahi, Mauku, Wairoa Ranges Waiari Stream, Orakau, Rangiaohia, Haerini, and Te Matata 14
IV. The Origin and Progress of the Hauhau Religion 23
V. Progress of the Hauhau Religion: Ahu Ahu and Sentry Hill 27
VI. Progress of the Hauhau Religion—continued: Mr. Booth's Adventure 31
VII. Progress of the Hauhau Religion—continued: Battle of Moutora and Ohotahi 34
VIII. Progress of the Hauhau Religion—continued: Murder of the Rev. Mr. Völckner and of Mr. Fulloon 40
IX. Capture of the Weraroa Pah 48
X. Relief of Pipiriki 60
XI. The Opotiki Expedition: The Landing 66
XII. The Opotiki Expedition—continued: Taking of the Pua Pah 69
XIII. The Opotiki Expedition—continued: Adventure with Kereopa and his Twelve Apostles—Surrender of Mokomoko and Hakaraia—Return of the Force to Wanganui 74
XIV. The East Coast Expedition: Waiapu—Attack on Pakairomiromi Pah 81
XV. East Coast Expedition—continued: Poverty Bay 89
XVI. East Coast Expedition—continued: Te Maru Maru and Te Kopani 97
XVII. Murder of Keriti, of Mr. Charles Broughton, and of Trooper Smith 103 page x
XVIII. General Chute's Campaign: The Fight at Okotuku. 107
XIX. General Chute's Campaign—continued: Fight at Te Putahi and Otapawa—Narrow Escape of the General 111
XX. General Chute's Campaign—continued: Ketemarae—March to Taranaki—Fight at Waikoko 114
XXI. Colonel McDonnell's Campaign: Fight at Pokaikai 120
XXII. Colonel McDonnell's Campaign—continued: Te Pungarehu 126
XXIII. Colonel McDonnell's Campaign—continued: Te Umu, Popoia, Tirotiromoana, Rotorua 133
XXIV. Skirmishes on the East Coast: Wonderful Escape of Wilkinson and Livingstone—Murder of Moore and Beggs 141
XXV. Skirmishes on the East Coast—continued: Colonel St. John at Opotiki—Murder of Mr. Pitcairn 149
XXVI. Outbreak at Napier—The Fight at Omarunui and Petane under Colonel Whitmore 154
XXVII. Titokowaru's Outbreak: Year of the Lamb—Colonel McDonnell and sixty Armed Constabulary sent to Hokitika 161
XXVIII. Return from Hokitika: First and Second Visit to Te Ngutu o te manu—Murder of Cahill, Clark, and Squires 165
XXIX. Hauhaus' Attack on Turu Turu Mokai: Death of Captain George Ross, Sergeant McFadden, Corporal Blake, and seven Privates 170
XXX. First attack on Te Ngutu o te manu with the new Levies 175
XXXI. Second Attack on Te Ngutu o te manu: Death of Von Tempsky, Captains Buck and Palmer, Lieutenants Hunter and Hastings 180
XXXII. The important Difference between Disciplined and Undisciplined Men, a Fact never sufficiently recognised by the New Zealand Government: Death of the Traitor Kimball Bent—Tactics of Tito-kowaru 189
XXXIII. Reconnoitring the Hauhau Position at Taiporo-henui—Resignation of Colonel McDonnell: Colonel Whitmore takes Command—Murder of Collins and McCulloch 195 page xi
XXXIV. Battle of Moturoa: Death of Captain Hunter—One-fourth of the Men engaged either killed or wounded—Colonel Whitmore falls back on Nukumaru 198
XXXV. Five hundred Hauhaus within a Day's March of Wanganui—Colonel Whitmore suddenly ordered with all his available Force to Poverty Bay, Te Kooti having massacred the Settlers there 202
XXXVI. Te Kooti—His Escape from the Chatham Islands and Landing at Whareongaonga, Poverty Bay 205
XXXVII. Te Kooti's Progress: The Fight at Paparatu: the Colonial Troops defeated with Loss of two killed, ten wounded, and £1200 worth of Horses and Camp Equipage 209
XXXVIII. Te Kooti's Progress—continued: The Fight at Te Konaki—The Hauhaus again Victorious 214
XXXIX. Te Kooti's Progress—continued: The Fight at Buakituri—Loss of Captain Carr, Mr. Canning, and three others—Captain Tuki and Te Kooti wounded 219
XL. Te Kooti's Progress—continued: Threatens the Poverty Bay Settlers; kills the Uriwera Chief Te Munu 223
XLI. Te Kooti's Progress—continued: The Massacre at Poverty Bay of thirty-three Settlers, Men Women, and Children, and thirty-seven friendly Natives 227
XLII. Te Kooti's Progress—continued: Attack at Te Karetu—Defeat of Te Kooti, and Loss of his principal fighting Chiefs, Namu, Kehu, Henare Parata, and thirty-four Men 236
XLIII. Te Kooti's Progress—continued: First Attack on Ngatapa by Rapata 242
XLIV. Te Kooti's Progress —continued: Second Attack on Ngatapa—Massacre of Settlers in Arai and Pipiwhakau Bush—Death of Captain Brown 246
XLV. Te Kooti's Progress—continued, His Escape from Ngatapa: the Chase—The Hauhau Chief, Nikora Te Whakaunua, and one hundred and twenty Men killed 252
XLVI. Operations against Titokowaru: Fort Lyon—Ambush at the Peach Grove: Massacre of Sergeant Menzies and sis Men 255 page xii
XLVII. Operations against Titokowaru—continued: Murder of the Bev. Mr. Whitely, Lieutenant and Mrs. Gascoigne, and three Children—Skirmish at Otauto on the Patea River—Attack on Te Ngahiere 259
XLVIII. Operations against Titokowaru—continued: Colonel Whitmore marches on General Chute's Track to Taranaki—Hunting up Stragglers—Capture of Pakakohi by Major Noake 264
XLIX. Campaign against the Uriwera Tribe: Reasons for the Campaign—March of converging Columns 269
L. Campaign against the Uriwera Tribe—continued: Te Kooti attacks Whakatane—Taking of Ahikereru—Death of Lieutenant White—Doings of Colonel St. John's Column 272
LI. Campaign against the Uriwera Tribe—continued: Ruatahuna—Death of Captain Travers—Major Roberts' Column 278
LII. Campaign against the Uriwera Tribe—continued: Te Kooti—Attack on Mohaka—Murder of Lavin, his Wife, and three Children, Wilkinson, and Cooper 282
LIII. Campaign against the Uriwera Tribe—continued: Te Kooti—Attack on the Huke Pah—Massacre of Men, Women, and Children 286
LIV. Campaign against the Uriwera Tribe—continued: Te Kooti attacks Hiruharama—Gallant Conduct of Trooper Hill 291
LV. Campaign against the Uriwera Tribe—continued: Doings of Colonel Herrick's Column—Death of Trooper Noonan—Waikata Moana 296
LVI. The Taupo Campaign: Massacre of Colonel St. John's Escort at Opape—Te Kooti's Visit to the Waikato and Return to Lake Taupo 300
LVII. The Taupo Campaign—continued: Colonel McDonnell assumes Command—Skirmish at Te Pononga 304
LVIII. The Taupo Campaign—continued: Arrival of Major Kepa and the Wanganuis—The War-dance 310
LIX. The Taupo Campaign—continued: the Fight at Kaiteriria—Death of Captain St. George 314 page xiii
LX. The Taupo Campaign—continued: Searching for Te Kooti—Skirmish at Tapapa—Capture of eighty Horses and considerable Loot 321
LXI. The Taupo Campaign—continued: Te Kooti's Attack on Ohinemutu: succeeds in again reaching the Uriwera Country 328
LXII. The Patatere Campaign: The Doings of Ropata's Column—Te Kooti's Attack on the Opape Settlement—Fight at Maraitahi—Death of Hakaraia 334
LXIII. Operations at Waikare Moana 342
LXIV. Te Kooti's Raid on Tologa Bay 349
LXV. Ropata's continued Search after Te Kooti 352
LXVI. The last Expedition in Pursuit of Te Kooti: Te Kooti surprised by Captain Porter at Ruahapu—Capture of Kereopa, and Escape of Te Kooti into the King Country 360
Conclusion 367
Appendix: List of Killed and Wounded during the War from 1860 to 1870 inclusive 369