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Government of Western Samoa Report of the Commission to Inquire into and Report upon the Organization of District and Village Government in Western Samoa


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I. Introduction 3
II. Historical Survey 7
III. Recommendations
  (a) General 12
  (b) The District and Village Government Board 13
    (i) The Members of the Board 14
    (ii) The Work of the Board 17
  (c) The Preparation of District and Village Government Proposals 19
  (d) Constitution of Fono and Committees 20
  (e) The Making of Regulations 22
  (f) The Carrying-out of Decisions 25
  (g) The Trial of Offenders 33
  (h) A Note on the Problem of Maintaining Law and Order in Vaimauga and Faleata 36
  (i) The Co-ordination of Policy in Departmental Districts 37
  (j) The Future Need for District Courts 43
  (k) Government Action on this Report 47
IV. Conclusions 49
V. Acknowledgments 55
A. Terms of Reference of the Commission 57
B. Form of Questionnaire Used in Meetings with the Ali‘i and Faipule 63
C. List of Consultants to the Commission 66
D. List of Meetings Held for the Receipt of Evidence 67
E. Speech by the Chairman of the Commission in the Legislative Assembly on 26th October, 1950 69
F. Glossary of Samoan Terms Used in the Report 75