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Government of Western Samoa Report of the Commission to Inquire into and Report upon the Organization of District and Village Government in Western Samoa

V. Acknowledgments

V. Acknowledgments

154. During the course of our work we have come to be under a deep obligation to the many people who have helped us. To mention them all by name in this report is impossible, but we trust that in most cases we have already made it clear to them personally that we are indeed grateful for what they have done to make our work a pleasure as well as a success.

155. From our consultants we have obtained ready advice and help whenever it has been asked for.

156. From the Faipule, the pulenu‘u, and the ali‘i and faipule of every district we have received a most warm welcome, most generous hospitality, and full co-operation in our work. More than anything else, this has encouraged us and made us feel confident that the final results of our labour will also be received with favour by the people of Samoa.

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157. From our Secretary, Etene Sa‘aga, we have received service which has taken no account of official hours. At many stages in our inquiry he has had to work till late in the evenings and to begin again before official hours in the mornings. Without his enthusiasm and ability, the administrative side of the Commission's work would long ago have broken down. Similarly, we are indebted to his assistant, Arorae Petaia, who has capably acted as clerk on malaga and in the office. He also has voluntarily put in many hours of extra work to keep the Commission's affairs up to date. Mr. M. R. Meredith also gave us valuable help by voluntarily acting as clerk on our Savai‘i malaga during the whole of his annual leave.

158. We also wish to express our gratitude to Mrs. Agnes Plowman for her willingness at all times to arrange for typists and stenographers to be available to us when needed. Often at considerable inconvenience to herself, she has devoted much time to our work.

159. To all the typing staff of the Secretariat and, to a less extent, to that of other Government Departments we are indebted for work done, often in difficult circumstances. In particular, we should like to thank Miss Leleaga Seumanutafa and Mrs. Emmeline Matthes. Miss Seumanutafa carried out much work for us during the first half of our inquiry; Mrs. Matthes joined us after the end of our malaga and took principal responsibility for our typing work during the final editing of evidence and the preparation of both our first report and this report.

170. Also, we should like to thank the Public Service Commissioner, Mr. R. A. Malone, for releasing Mrs. Matthes from the staff of his own office in order that she could help us.

Etene Sa‘aga, Secretary.
Apia, 30th November, 1950.