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Notes on Sir William Martin's Pamphlet Entitled the Taranaki Question

Page 84

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Page 84.

"The letter which will be found at the end of this Chapter."…………

It is to be regretted that Sir W. Martin did not quote more of this letter, It was published in the Blue Book presented to Parliament in July 1860. In the latter part of the letter the Rev. Mr. Riemenschneider refers to the agreement between Governor Grey and Wiremu Kingi as to the condition on which, the latter was allowed to return to Waitara, in the following terms:—"When I further reminded them that Wiremu Kingi had no right either to hold or occupy land on this (south) side of Waitara river, since in 1847 he had given his distinct promise to Governor Sir George Grey, previous to his coming up from the south, that he would not settle on this side but on the opposite (north) bank of the river, I received in reply that W. Kingi being the head Chief of all Waitara, on both sides of it, it was for himself to choose and to say on which side he was to reside." Other evidence of that distinct engagement was given in the Governor's Despatch of 4th December 1860.