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Notes on Sir William Martin's Pamphlet Entitled the Taranaki Question

Page 80

Page 80.

"The doctrine laid down amounts to this"….

This doctrine was not laid down by the present Governor. The plan of "compensation" was, however, laid down by Governor FitzRoy and Governor Grey.

l.When Governer Fitz Roy met Colonel Wakefield shortly after assuming the Government of the Colony, the rule of maintaining the purchases of the New Zealand Company but awarding compensation to the natives who were not parties to the Deeds of Sale, was expressly established. Thus in the case of Port Nicholson Mr. Clarke, the Protector of Aborigines, with the concurrence of Commissioner Spain, awarded £1500 to the natives. In the case of Wanganui they awarded £1000; in the case of Nelson they awarded £300; and in the case of Taranaki they would have awarded compensation also, if it had not been for the knowledge, that if they did so the Waikato tribes would immediately have come down and taken it from the Ngatiawa.
2.When Governor Grey gave his decision in the presence of Wiremu Kingi in March, 1847, he determined that the whole land at Taranaki should be resumed for the Crown, the natives receiving compensation for their outstanding claims at the rate of 1s, 6d. an acre.