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Notes on Sir William Martin's Pamphlet Entitled the Taranaki Question

Page 76

Page 76.

"To oust subjects of the Crown from their lands"…………

In the way in which the accusation is stated Sir William Martin begs the question altogether. How does he know that these "lands" are the property of the "subjects" who are "ousted?" It would have been time enough to make the accusation when this had been proved.

At page 44 Sir W. Martin, after producing most of the documents and statements he had, tending to show there were adverse claims, said: "We are not at liberty to assert these claims to be true, without investigation; neither are we at liberty to assert them to be false, without investigation." But at page 76 these claimants are made to appear the rightful owners, whose land the Governor has unlawfully seized and whom he has unjustly ousted. It does not clearly appear how Sir W. Martin arrived at that conclusion.