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Notes on Sir William Martin's Pamphlet Entitled the Taranaki Question

Page 58

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Page 58.

"On such evidence as the above, the Government was prepared to assert"…………

The Government asserted their right to survey the land sold by Te Teira and his friends, and the absentees at Queen Charlotte Sound. They had expressly saved the proprietary rights of any one who might own any land within the boundaries offered by Teira and his friends: and those proprietary rights rémain saved to this day.

In taking possession of the Block the Governor must be considered rather as asserting jurisdiction over the question of title in the only way in which it was possible to assert jurisdiction, than as putting himself in possession of a property which he had acquired "in his capacity as land buyer." The question between the Governor and Wiremu Kingi, truly viewed, was one of authority and jurisdiction, and not of the title to a particular piece of land.

But even up to the present moment no final decision has been made on the title to the whole Block. No one is precluded even now from peaceably coming in, showing title to part of the block, and either retaining or selling such part as he pleases.