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Official Guide to the Government Court: N.Z. Centennial Exhibition



The great Centennial Exhibition has provided an opportunity for the various Government Departments to make known to the public some of the many interesting features connected with their work and administration.

The contents of this "Guide", which serves as an introduction to the Government Court, should assist in arousing additional interest in the exhibits themselves, which show the wide ramifications of, and the important part played by, these valuable social services in the welfare of the Dominion.

These services, which are an accepted part of our national life, carry out their functions quietly and effectively from year to year, while the immense amount of detail and research work connected with their successful operation remains largely concealed from the public. It is of interest to note also that New Zealand-made goods are utilised to the fullest extent by the various departments.

The Government Court has been designed and laid out to provide something more than a mere superficial view of the manner in which the Public Services operate for the general welfare. Each exhibit is supported by a wealth of detailed information and by working models and diagrams designed to show as simply as possible the place occupied by every Department of State in the life and progress of the Dominion.

The highly technical nature of many of these exhibits is set out also, in such a fashion that anyone may grasp their essential features and realise that experts in all divisions are working assiduously to introduce the latest inventions and improvements for the benefit of the people of New Zealand.

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