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Official Guide to the Government Court: N.Z. Centennial Exhibition

Use of New Zealand Materials in the Court

Use of New Zealand Materials in the Court

Wherever possible, New Zealand-made good have been made use of in the construction and furnishing of all works and buildings in the Exhibition, and visitors Will be surprised to learn of the wide range of local products.

As one enters the Government Court the soles of shoes are cleaned by grids and mats made locally, and a specimen of New Zealand craftsmanship in a lino cut is in full view on the floor of the vestibule.

Throughout the Court all timbers, wallboards, nails and paints are New Zealand products; also fittings (electrical and sanitary) and doors and windows are from local factories. The Fire-alarm system which is installed is a New Zealand invention and the Fire Extinguishers are made in the Dominion. Mention should be made-of the Ventilation System, which changes the air four times an hour, and which was designed, made and installed by a New Zealander. Another innovation is a Cabinet" Projector entirely produced here. The furniture in use throughout the Court, as well as kitchen and other equipment, is all New Zealand-made.

An Officer from the Department of Industries and Commerce is in attendance and will furnish any particulars upon request.