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Official Guide to the Government Court: N.Z. Centennial Exhibition

Army Department

Army Department

The peace establishment of the Territorial Force provides for the training of 16,000 men. It is definitely not a case of "Every young man should be in the Territorial Force"—it is rather a case of "None but the best are wanted in the Territorial Force"

Quality, not quantity, is the aim of the Force. A volunteer Army is dependent on the spirit of service, not only in the fit, keen men who join up, but in the community-backing which they must have.

Given a national appreciation of its importance, every unit will soon have a waiting list.

Interesting Training.

Territorial training consists  of weekend camps, annual camps, out-of-camp training, and courses of instruction.  Annual camps and courses are normally of six days; most units do four weekend  camps, and, in addition, a number of evening parades.

Weekend Camps:

These are held during the summer months in selected out-of-town localities. Free transport and rations are provided, and interesting work in the field is carried out.


Camp is the climax of the Territorials' year, and it is here that keenness and enthusiasm becomes so apparent. Those who have experienced it are all unanimous that nothing equals a Territorial Camp. Who can resist the thrill when the troops come surging down the road, or flash their messages across the skies, or build bridges, or bring the guns into action? Then sports, dances, concerts, good food and plenty of it, and pay for rank and for keeping fit.

Interesting outdoor work, good food and plenty of it, sports, entertainment and, best of all, good companionship.

Our-of-Camp Training:

This consists of attendance for the annual musketry course—always looked forward to by all ranks.

Evening parades, which are entirely voluntary, are held during the year. Many units provide supper after voluntary evening parade:, and have arranged recreational facilities, and provision for games and physical training, and other social amenities such as dances and concerts.

Courses of Instruction:

During each year, over 80 different six-day courses are held at the Army and District Schools for all Territorials, from the newly-joined recruit, who has never fired a rifle, to the Colonel, who, in war, will be responsible for the lives and welfare of 600 fellow-citizens. There is a particular course for every phase of service and of specialist training. Officers and N.C.O.'s of the Engineers, Signals, A.S.C. and Medical Corps hold their annual courses at the Army School. Among other subjects there are courses on light and heavy machine-gun, mortar, anti-gas, tactics, drill and duties, signalling, first-aid, physical training.

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All Non-commissioned Officers and men of the Territorial Force are issued with a smart uniform for walking out, full-dress occasions and service dress, including pair of boots, renewable every three years, and a greatcoat.

Working kit, in the shape of khaki denims, is provided for camps, etc., and khaki shorts are issued wherever they represent the most comfortable form of dress.

Motor-transport drivers have a special working uniform of khaki overalls and the fore-and-aft cap. Motor-cyclists, in addition to the above, are provided free with leather knee-boots, gauntlet gloves and a beret, either black or khaki.

Medals and Badges.

After 12 years' efficient service, a Territorial is eligible for the award of an Efficiency Medal.

Attractive badges are also awarded for proficiency and skill at arms, including markmanship, both with rifle and machine-gun, signalling, range-taking, gun-laying.

Pay and Allowances.

No true volunteer joins the Army because of the money he will get out of it, but, on the other hand, no volunteer Territorial should be out of pocket by undertaking this public duty.

Twelve shillings a day for annual camp and for courses of instruction! The amount is made up of 7/- pay and 5/- camp allowance. That makes the New Zealand trooper, gunner, private, etc , the highest-paid volunteer in the world!

Everyone gets 5/- per day camp allowance for camps and courses, plus pay for the days travelling to and from camp.

"Regimental Funds" to the value of 8/- per soldier, are paid to the unit for social and other expenses.

Fares to and from all parades (over a reasonable walking distance) are also paid to all territorials!

The financial conditions are excellent.