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Official Guide to the Government Court: N.Z. Centennial Exhibition

Departments Exhibiting in Courts Other Than Government Court

Departments Exhibiting in Courts Other Than Government Court

Commercial Broadcasting Service

The principal exhibit of the C.B.S. is the Mobile Broadcasting Station 5ZB. Located near the main Tirangi Road entrance, this station is on the air every day and night of the Exhibition. News and views and general information about the Exhibition and its activities, descriptive commentaries, interviews with visitors, and general programmes are broadcast on a wavelength of 1360 kilocycles. The station is available for inspection by visitors, and its gay appearance—cream with a long scarlet "radio flash"—will undoubtedly attract a good deal of attention.

The station, which is built in an ordinary railway carriage, recently completed a thousand miles' tour through the North Island, broadcasting at Masterton, Hastings, New Plymouth, Hamilton, Whangarei, Napier, Wanganui and Hawera on the way. The tour was a remarkable success and interested crowds visited the unit at every town on the route. It is a complete broadcasting station on wheels, consisting of studio, control-room, sleeping quarters, bathroom and kitchen, the last-named for the accommodation of the staff, which lived on the train throughout its tour. According to the staff, there was much pleasure mixed with business as they travelled in such a luxury caravan. Every visitor should make a point of inspecting and every visitor should make a point of hearing 52B—the Exhibition Studio.

In addition to operating the Mobile Station 5ZB, the Commercial Broadcasting Service has. built a lounge at the Exhibition for the comfort and relaxation of visitors—a very welcome idea which is sure to be appreciated. There is much to be seen at the Exhibition, and the ZB's realise that visitors will be glad of a quiet, comfortable corner in which to rest awhile. The lounge is an ultra-modern, streamlined edifice, situated in the New Zealand Manufacturing Industries Section. The decorative motif is symbolic of Radio, with aerials,. radio waves, and a huge microphone. Inside are comfortable armchairs providing a restful atmosphere, which visitors are bound to enjoy after their tours of inspection. All round the walls are posters illustrating features, station programmes, and photographs of all ZB personalities and artists, which will be of interest to those to whom these folk are just "voices." A handsome radio receiver providing restful music completes the picture.

Native Department

Maori activities at the Exhibition centre around a carved meeting-house measuring 77ft. by 34ft. The building is designed on traditional lines by an expert in Maori architecture, and is illustrative of the highest form of Maori art and mural decorations. The carvings have been executed by the leading craftsmen of the present day. Each figure depicted in the carving represents a celebrated hero in Maori tradition. The interior walls are adorned with carved panels interspersed with decorative designs composed of reeds and coloured native grasses harmoniously combined to produce that artistic effect which is so characteristic of the Maori.

Stalls are provided adjacent to the meeting house where Maori people representing various tribes display and sell Maori works of art and where the public have an opportunity of viewing and purchasing exhibits of carving and weaving.

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These crafts are in progress in the building during the period of the Exhibi-. tion, and visitors are thus afforded a unique opportunity of seeing the Maori at work on his traditional arts.

A feature of Maori representation is a series of entertainments presenting his ancient and modern choral music and dancing, including the ever-popular poi dance and stirring ngeri (dancing) and ha.ka (war dance), the prelude to war in olden days. The public have the opportunity of hearing the most outstanding vocalists of to-day and items are rendered by various Maori choirs from different parts of the Dominion. In addition to these items there are demonstrations of the ancient games and pastimes of the people and the ceremonial appertaining to the welcoming and farewelling of guests.

All performers wear the picturesque Maori costume.

At the Maori Court of the Centennial Exhibition the visitor obtains an insight into the culture, custom and language of the race who occupied these shores before the advent of the European, and in addition are assured of much enjoyable entertainment.

Public Works Department

Machinery Section

This exhibit consists of a full-sized diesel-engine-driven power-grader manufactured entirely in New Zealand to drawings and specifications prepared by the Public Works Department, the power unit being a British-made diesel engine of approximately 55 B.H.P.

The unit is raised on the stand, with the wheels free from the floor to enable the traction and power-control mechanism to be operated under throttled engine power throughout the whole period of the Exhibition.

To add to the educational value of the exhibit, a number of selected working drawings from which the machine was manufactured are on exhibition in the appropriately designed stand.

The exhibit is located in the Engineering Court.

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